Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I even have things in common with bunnies!

This past Friday I went to Cruise Night in Old Town Camarillo to promote my upcoming fundraiser and I ran into the nicest girl. She was carrying a fluffy white bunny. I got to talking with her and found out that she is doing an amazing thing. She is a foster parent for bunnies. She explained to me about the bunnies that she fosters and how they are either born with special needs or due to neglect and abuse they became special needs bunnies. Its funny how much I related my own personal life to the bunny she was caring for that day. I found that the bunny and myself had similar stories. People were drawn to the bunny at first site, they wanted to pet it and love it, but once they found that it had "issues" they chose to opt out of caring for it and go with one that did not have any problems. Pretty much that was the story of my life when I was shuffled through foster homes. Anyways...this amazing woman makes a bunny bag for each foster bunny and takes her time to love and care for them regardless of their misfortunes. I love that!!!!

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