Monday, June 7, 2010

New Luggage from Courtney Critz

While in Anaheim today meeting with my director, Eddie Peterson, and my lovely fun fashion designer & sponsor, Tiffany Tollett, I was treated to a wonderful surprise. Tiffany's daughter Courtney donated 5 new pieces of luggage to my organization Luggage of Love. The thoughtfulness shined in Courtney's eyes as they lit up when she told me how she hand picked each one of the pieces. I could see how meaningful it was for her being she paid for them with her own money which makes the process even more rewarding. I am delighted that she sees the impact a single piece of luggage has on a child's life. Courtney, I want to thank you so very much and let you know that your selfless act of kindness will brighten the life of a child in some shelter or foster home. You are a sweet girl with a heart of gold. Keep on paying it back and the world will be a better place. I am proud of all your accomplishments and I look forward to watching you grow....I see many great opportunities in your future. And thank you for the cutest crown bracelet a girl could every want! Now go conquer the world little lady!

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