Saturday, June 12, 2010

104.7 Rico & Mambo Morning Show

Yesterday I was on Q104.7 The 805's Hip Hop and R&B station to promote my 1st Annual Custom Car & Motorcycle Show to benefit Luggage of Love. I had such a great time. Rico and Nancy were so nice and we laughed a lot. I want to thank them for always supporting what I do and showing an interest in the welfare of children in our community. After our segment was over I was asked to stay on for the next segment with Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey on Full House). I watched Full House when I was younger so it was a real treat to share the mic with Dave. I also got the opportunity to step into the booth with none other than KIDD SPIN. He showed me how to use the turn tables and I have to be honest....I sucked, but it was fun! Once again I want to thank Rico for giving me the opportunity to promote my fundraiser, share my story & the story of Luggage of Love, and talk about the International Pageant's always a blast in your studio!

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