Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 6...Make up, Personal Interview, & Rehearsal

Today was the very first day of the actual competition. The personal interview portion of the pageant is my favorite, and it just so happens that mine was this morning!!! I met with Stephanie, the make-up artist, at 9ish to have my make-up done, and she worked her magic. Stephanie is very talented and I admire her work greatly, she really has a heart of gold. I headed back to my room once my make-up was completed to get my interview suit on and I was off to my interview. Eddie, my amazing director, walked me to my interview and offered words of wisdom and advice. He is one of those people I could listen to for hours. Once up in the waiting room I posed for a few pictures by myself and with my interview group. My interview went extremely well and I would have to say that I really enjoyed every aspect of the process this time. Later that afternoon we all met in the lobby to take a few pictures and head over to practice. Once practice was over we all went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I had a lot of fun today and I can't wait to compete at prelims should be exciting!

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