Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 5.....Navy Pier and the Boys & Girls Club

Today was so much fun! We boarded a bus and headed into the city, our first stop....the Navy Pier. After posing for a group photo we climbed aboard a jet propelled boat called the "Seadog". I had the honor of sitting with Miss Teen Florida, Lauren Eschbach. She is very beautiful and genuine person. We visited, joked, and laughed a lot together. After the boat ride we headed back to the bus where we were driven to our next destination.

Our final stop on this outing was at the Boys & Girls Club, which I can say was by far the best of all three destinations for me. As you all know my heart goes out to any & all children so being at the Boys & Girls Club and having the opportunity to spend some time with these precious individuals was just the icing on the cake! Each of my pageant sisters and I handed out and autographed pictures for the kiddos. But I chose to flip the process around a bit by asking for the children to autograph one to me. They are just as important if not more and I really wanted them to feel like that. They were so excited when I would ask them to sign my paper. I had the privilege to be paired up with a little girl named Izabelle (Izzy). She was such a delight and full of love. To my surprise upon leaving Izabelle did something very interesting. She gave me her stuffed Lion named Simba. I was speechless. I had done something similar while at the shelter and I never knew the feeling the other person felt when receiving the item.....now I do. Words can not describe the feelings I felt knowing that this was one of Izabelle's toys, and she was giving it to me so I could remember her. It was such a heartfelt moment......for both of us.

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