Thursday, August 26, 2010

NARFE - Chapter 190

I am so honored that the members of the NARFE invited me back to speak at their monthly meeting. This group is always so welcoming and I really enjoy my visits with them. Today's meeting was very informative, and this time around I learned that the NARFE organization is the largest non-profit contributor to the Alzheimer's Association. So far nationally as a whole, NARFE has raised over 9 million dollars for this cause. WOW, that is truly amazing! After a delicious meal I was called to the podium where I shared all the new adventures my title has taken me on since last being there, as well as what Luggage of Love has been doing. I answered a few questions then the meeting was adjourned. To my surprise I was honored with a referral to a PR firm that is interested in helping me grow Luggage of Love to a household name nationwide. I am so excited about this! Thank you so much for all those who contributed today to Luggage of Love, your donations mean that one less child has to carry their personal belongings in a garbage bag. Just think...the $115.00 that was collected today will provide 16 children somewhere in the system with a brand new piece of luggage, as well as one less thing to have to worry about. Thanks again!

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