Tuesday, August 10, 2010

100 pieces of luggage purchased from World of Disney

The most amazing thing happened on my last trip to Disneyland. My best friend, Meghan Lopez, happened to be shopping at Downtown Disney and saw that there was a luggage deal being offered to customers at the World of Disney store. If you made a $20 purchase you could buy a child's set of luggage for only $10, this set included a rolling bag as well as a duffel...which is a pretty good price. So I met with the store manager and discussed purchasing 100 pieces. After explaining about Luggage of Love and sharing my story with her, she made a few calls and shortly I was purchasing the luggage for $7 a piece!!! Then it was off to the motorhome to load the luggage up and be on our way. I know the many children in foster and shelter care are going to love these pieces of luggage. Thanks so much to the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

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