Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Day at the Ballet

Yesterday I took part in an amazing event put on by the Ventura County Ballet Company that was sponsored by a grant from The Angel Heart Foundation. This event was very special because it gave local foster and kinship children in Ventura County the opportunity to learn ballet and also preform a piece of their own for their foster and kinship guardians. When I first arrived I was greeted by the lovely women of the Ventura County Ballet Company that were in charge of the event. Eileen Riddle, the president of the ballet company, gave me a personal tour of the studio. The ballet company has their own full costume room with everything imaginable to make a performance come to life. After the tour I was escorted to a room where I met some of the children as they were getting their faces painted & decorating point shoes that they would get to take home. Each of the children were so cute and full of life. I really like how they decorated my crown and requested that I leave it that way forever because it looked much better than the plain way it was! Next it was off to another room where we watched the group learn for the first time how to do ballet. As they continued to practice all of the guardians and myself were escorted to a larger ballet room where we all took seats to watch the children's performance. In no time the group performed a piece for us and it was amazing. I loved the excitement and gratitude that each one had in their eyes. Once the performance was done and each young lady curtsied and each young gentleman bowed, the group got the opportunity to decorate cookies and eat them while I read to them from the book of The Nutcracker. I can tell you first hand the cookies were a BIG hit, they were so delicious. To wrap up this memorable day we were all treated with a special performance by one of the senior dancers from the ballet company who preformed a piece as the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker. I want to thank all of the young ladies from the Ventura County Ballet Company who helped out, as well as the senior instructor who taught all of the children. You all have done something that is so wonderful that no words can even express. These children will forever remember this day and it is because you took the time to care. Thank you so very much. Finally, I want to thank Marion Witte from The Angle Heart Foundation who has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I love the passion you have for these children and the devotion you show on a daily basis. It is greatly appreciated by all.

* All pictures have been taken from the backs of the childrens heads due to confidentiality reasons *

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