Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Santa Barbara Food Bank Main Steet Office Grand Opening

Today I had the opportunity to not only attend the Santa Barbara Food Banks Main Steet Office Grand Opening but to also sit down with Erik Talkin the Food Banks Executive Director and tape a segment on what it was like to grow up hungry and at times even without food. I was honored that Eric wanted to interview me and tape my story, as well as have me speak during the grand opening event.

I myself am living proof of what happens when this education is NOT learned at an early age. Being that I had for fend for myself during the first five years of my life, I would eat what ever I could find where ever I could find it. I remember consuming a lot of icing. Of course it is a yummy treat to most but as a main food source it fails miserably. As a result of my upbringing, I still hoard food that is totally unhealthy for me and I am constantly making poor choices when faced with decisions about food. I will gorge myself with sweets till I am sick. And anything that is remotely good for me I will not eat. As a result my brain and body take a toll, I am constantly tired because my body lacks the nutrients to run properly.

The Food Bank plays an important roll in the community. The new office location will serve as a place to educate starving and homeless children on healthy eating and proper food handling techniques. Since 44% of those served by the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County are children, it is important that they are educated regarding healthy food choices at such a young age so that they will be carried into adulthood. This education is vital for all children especially those who are in similar circumstances as mine.

While I was at the event I met some extraordinary people, one of which being Rose Dalba of Feeding America who is the Director of Donor Outreach located in Chicago IL. She was an amazing lady who seemed to be very interested in my story and really took the time to visit with me. I am looking forward to visiting her and the National office for Feeding America when I am in Chicago in July.

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