Monday, March 28, 2011

Brownie Troop 60082

I was asked by Lindsay and Celia Feramisco to speak to Lindsay's 2nd grade Brownie Troop #60082 at Lang Ranch School in Thousand Oaks on Friday. It was Lindsay's week to pick a project for the girls to work on and she chose my organization, Luggage of Love. I was given a few minutes to share Luggage of Love and my childhood experiences with the girls and then they were given time to ask questions. I was so happy that the girls knew so much about and have helped Casa Pacifica, the emergency placement shelter I used to live at. After learning about the children in our community living in shelter and foster homes today, the girls were eager to help. They were all given blank luggage tags to decorate and attach to the 11 bags that they had donated to Luggage of Love. These bags will go to children in need as well as the donated $250 from Feramisco's co-workers at Amgen. Thank you to Celia and Lindsay Feramisco, all of Celia's co-workers, and especially to all of the girls in Brownie Troop #60082.


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  1. Hi Dedria, I don't know if you remember me but I gave you a tour of Moorpark College a couple weeks ago. My name is Makena. Anyway, I was reading up on your blog and what you do for these children. I would love to help you in anyway possible if you need it. You can email me at This is truly an amazing organization, hope to hear from you soon!