Wednesday, March 10, 2010


When I lived in shelter care, I remember how amazing it was when I got the opportunity to go on outings with my cottage. I had never really experienced many of these activities until I was placed at Casa Pacifica. One outing that was truly memorable was eating out at Burger King. I remember getting a Burger King crown and eating my meal with it on. I have been hoping ever since to pay it back one day to other shelter children in the same way, and with the help of the generous owners of Johnny Rockets in Camarillo I think it is going to happen.

Today I accompanied Mariette, the owner of Johnny Rockets, to Casa Pacifica the children's shelter I used to live at. We met with Vicki Murphy, the Head of Development and Operations at Casa to talk about setting up a day when the shelter children could go on an outing to Johnny Rockets for some great tasting hamburgers and shakes and then attend a movie at the theater next door. We all took a tour around Casa Pacifica and I was able to show Mariette my old bedroom in the cottage I used to live in. I can't wait to experience this event with the shelter children.... I will keep everyone posted when this happens.

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