Friday, October 21, 2011

Oak Park Neighborhood Preschool

Yesterday I visited Oak Park Neighborhood Preschool. The children are learning about the importance of helping others in need. They recently ran a lemonade stand to raise funds for a charity and they chose Luggage of Love as the recipient of the $122 they were able to raise! I had a wonderful time sharing my story and answering all of the questions the children had to ask about homeless, shelter and foster children- they were so intrigued! My favorite part of the q&a portion was when a sweet and thoughtful 5 year old little girl named Gracie raised her hand and said," Can I ask the children with no homes to come live with me because I have bunk-beds and I really want to share with them." Thank you Melisssa & Cruz Lockerman for suggesting Luggage of Love to the class and for introducing me to all of the wonderful children. You two are true blessings and I am really looking forward to the different ways we can help each other in the future. Thanks again to Oak Hills Neighborhood Preschool for your donation and for this opportunity ♥

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