Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meeting with Tom Colbert

In August of 1992, Tom Colbert launched Industry R&D, which supplies news tips to TV tabloid, reality shows, and TV-movie producers. Industry R&D works a long list of sources so that Colbert and his staff of researchers can try to get the jump on dozens of stories each day before they become headlines. I had the opportunity to set down over lunch with Tom where I learned more about Industry R&D and Tom's beautiful family. Tom inquired a great deal about Luggage of Love's beginning and what future plans are in store for my non-profit. He also inquired about my thoughts on writing a book about my life. He had such great advise. I am honored to have met Tom and I look forward to future our future endeavors.

Colbert is an associate producer of the film The Vow. The Vow is a beautiful love story about a married couple named Kim and Krickett Carpenter. Tom worked for 6 years to bring this story to the big screen and he did a phenomenal job.

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