Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meeting with Taryn Foster

I met with a wonderful lady at my office today named Taryn Foster. She is a landscape design student, and the Operations Manager at James Dean Design Landscape Architecture in Thousand Oaks. During our meeting Taryn shared her idea of implement a program where trees, flowers and nature are a part of the lives of children living in shelters. More specifically into a new development being constructed in Northern California where shelter children live in a "boarding school" type of setting. During this interview Taryn asked my mom and myself questions concerning children with similar backgrounds to my own. We discussed the my childhood, and things I enjoyed doing and how the environment itself has had an effect on me. The idea of incorporating more nature into children's lives was so intriguing to me and a concept that I really did not think about. After listen to Taryn's ideas I truly believe these types of settings would be therapeutic. It would not only provide a place of relaxation and beauty but it would also help the children learn and care for something. I hope that this project gets funded because it is a wonderful idea, and I wish Taryn all the best. Thanks again for valuing my opinion on this matter, it means a lot!

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