Friday, February 12, 2010

Luggage for Transitional Housing....

Today was the first of the commitments that I will fulfill for those teens leaving shelter care after turning 18 years of age. You see once a teen reaches the age of 18 they are capped out meaning that the state no longer pays for them to live at the shelter and therefore they must leave to start their journey in life. There is just one problem....where do they go? With nothing to their name, and no one to help it seems like a dead end. There has been attempts in the past to transition these teens into society but it has really never worked due to funding. So this is where the shelter where I use to live at, Casa Pacifica, has stepped up to the plate for these teens and is going far beyond their call of duty. They just implemented a transitional housing program and the first two recipients moved out this weekend into an apartment.

When I caught wind of this I knew that "Luggage of Love" had to play a part in this program and I quickly went out and purchased items for their new place and loaded them in the luggage that I would give to them. I was able to purchase a dinnerware, flatware, and glass set, a toaster, 8 pieces pot & pan set, cooking utensils, bath items, and two blankets. Just a little something to get them started and to let them know that I know that they will succeed and I believe in was the least I or anyone could do!

I think it is amazing how people are unaware that there are so many children in our own back yards that are waiting for someone to just give them a chance. Children who just need love and guidance for not a few hours or weeks...but for a lifetime. Please keep these things in mind when you go to sleep tonight in your comfortable bed.....with a refrigerator full of food....there is some child out there wishing they had those things many of us take for granted each and every day.

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