Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speaking to Triton Academy

Today I spoke to Triton Academy. This speaking engagement was somewhat unique in that we started off the with each student telling me about who they are, what struggles they face with autism and how they persevere. I was beyond surprised to find that the "issues' that these youth face due to their autism are exactly the same as the issues that I face due to my background of abuse and due to me being a drug baby. Not only did we share that, but our coping techniques were the same as well. The teachers also took the students to the store before our arrival, where they let the kids pick out our meal for lunch. With the food, the students prepared a salad bar and strawberry shortcake for me. The entire morning and afternoon I laughed and had more fun than I have in a long time....these students taught me so much more today that I could have ever taught them. Thank you so much to Lisa Davis for contacting me to speak today, I can not wait to have you all visit Luggage of Love and pack a pallet for shipment!

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