Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taping for Angel Heart Foundation

I am so touched to have been able to share my personal story on a taped segment that will be featured on an amazing website dedicated to spotlighting those who have chosen to make a difference. I would like to thank Marion Witte & Brian for digging deep and peeling back the layers that so often I hide behind. You both have moved me and I am blessed to have you both as a part of my life. Marion Witte is the author of Little Madhouse On The Prairie and the founder of her own non-profit, the Angel Hear Foundation. The mission of the Angel Heart Foundation is to be involved in activities that create a more kind, compassionate and peaceful world through Conscious Parenting, Youth Empowerment and Creative Education. Marion and myself both had very challenging and tragic childhoods to say the least. We both have dedicated our lives to improving the lives of children. In Marion's video, I discussed the difficulties I faced being a homeless and neglected child and how the challenges I faced still affect me today. The goal of Marion's video is to educate people on the horrors facing todays neglected children and to encourage viewers to do their part to help.

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