Sunday, July 22, 2012

Free Day (Day 3)

I got the opportunity today to spend time with my California crew. I am so privileged to have such a great group of people who make my pageant experience so great. First things first...Family is very important to me and I could not do anything
without my forever family. I am so happy to have my Papa with me every step of the way this year. I know my grandma is watching from heaven enjoying every minute of this. My mom (who always seems to duck out of pictures) is my foundation,
and without her I would have never been given the opportunity at a second chance at life. Kara is the most uplifting and motivational pageant coach...not to mention an extremely talented hair & make-up artist. Let's not forget my dear friend, Austin, who made me shine on the California stage last September and helped me obtain the title of Miss California Intl 2012. I am so glad you are here to support me and make me laugh. My sister
titleholder, Amanda, who is a true delight to always be around. I am so happy to spend this time with you and watch you shine. Last but never least...Eddie, you are and have been the greatest director twice! I value our friendship and love your support. Our friendship is unique and I would not change it for the world. Thanks for everything!

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