Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KEYT Channel 3 News Interview with evening news anchor Paula Lopez

What an exciting day I had today! KEYT Channel 3 News did a featured piece on me that is set to air on May 17th during ratings week. What makes this even more special is that the evening news anchor, Paula Lopez, personally did the whole interview on location. The interview started at my house where I sat down with Paula one on one for an in depth interview about my past and its effect on my future, about Luggage of Love the organization I started in June of 2008, and the benefits of being the reigning Miss Teen California International 2010.

Our next destination was a place that is very near and dear to my heart.... Casa Pacifica, the emergency crisis shelter that I used to live at. I love going to the shelter every chance I get, but this time was extra special because not only was this the first time that my Papa would see the shelter, but we were also filming a portion of the interview in my old bedroom in the cottage I use to live in. Carrie Hughes (Assistant Director of Development) took us around the campus and my Mom and I shared our own stories and different perspectives of living and working at Casa Pacifica. While at the shelter I of course had to see Archie who is the therapy dog for the facility. What an amazing asset he his to the shelter! And of course I got the opportunity to visit with Vicki Murphy (Director of Development & Operations) who has the biggest heart of anyone I know and truly loves each and every child like they were her own.I was so happy that the shelter was a part of the piece on me as it is the foundation from where my life all began.

Our final destination was my office for Luggage of Love. Paula and Herb Tuyay (Chief Editor/Photographer) were able to see some of my inventory and I was able to share a little more about the shipping process of the luggage with both of them. They got an opportunity to see all of my awards and view pictures that play an important role in why I choose to make a difference in the life of these children.

It meant the world to me that Paula and Herb spent so much time with me and my family today. I hope that the airing of this interview brings more attention to children living in shelter and foster care and that we are capable of doing great things as long as we are given the tools and foundation to do so. I have chosen not to become a statistic and I hope to inspire others to do the same. I am honored to have been able to share my story and my future plans for Luggage of Love. Thank you to Paula, Herb, Casa Pacifica, and my family for your time and support. You all are a huge part of what makes me who I am today. Please tune in to KEYT Channel 3 or online to view my segment May 17th!

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